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Airunit is located on the former airforce base of Sint-Truiden.

The instruction flights are given on board of a Robin DR 300/125.


Becoming a privat pilot?

Follow the theoretical and practical flight training.

Our experienced flight instructors will guide you through this trajectory.

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Initiation flight

Would you first like to experience what it means to be the holder of a privat pilot license before starting the training?

Please contact then one of our flight instructors for a discovery flight.

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Getting educated as a privat pilot

The experienced instructors of Airunit educate you from A to Z and guide you throughout the complete syllabus to obtain  the license of privat pilot.

Because the basic education in aviation is of the uttermost intrest for your flight safety and possible later commercial aspirations, we  strongly attach importance to all aspects related to flying : the theoretical knowledge, the practical flying skills, the English knowledge level but also a correct personal attitude. 

The flight instruction is done on a four seater Robin DR300/125.

After obtaining the license, the pilot is able to take 3 passengers on board without additional training.

Initiation flight

Explanation on the ground and checking the aircraft.

A flight of 1 hour with taxi to the runway, the take off, some basic maneuvers (climbing, descending and turning), the approach to landing, the landing and the return to the appron. Followed by a debriefing of the flight.

The price amounts 220 euro (Incl VAT) and 300 euro (Incl VAT) if you take a passenger on board. 


The planning of the flight is done in coordination with the instructor and as a function of the weather conditions.


Admission requirements

An overview of the education


The theoretical part

Airunit is offering the possibility to follow this in French or in Dutch. In general this occurs in another Flemish or Wallonian DTO or ATO, it is the student's free choice to select one in concertation with the head of training.


Certainly you can always count on our pilots to explain some of the learning contents.

The theoretical formation consists of 9 branches:

     1. Aircraft general knowledge

     2. Flight performance and planning

     3. Principles of flight

     4. Meteorologie

     5. Navigation

     6. Legislation and ATC procedures

     7. Operational procedures

     8. Communication

     9. Human performance and limitations.

The theoretical examination takes place in Brussels at the General Directorate of Aviation.

The practical part

It is advized to follow the practical flight training in parallel to the theoretical course. You should pass the practical examination within two years after having passed the theoretical examination. The practical examination can be done after 45 hours of flight, but we note that in reality a student needs about 60 flight hours to be well prepared for the examination.

A standard flight takes about 60 minutes, navigation flights can last upon 2 to 3 hours. The different phases being:

     1. the basic phase learning to fly straight and level, climbing, descending and turning

     2. the pré-solo phase for take-off and landing

     3. the first solo flight

     4. the advanced phase with the emergency landings and the steep turns

     5. the navigation phase with landings on other airfields in Belgium or abroad, this flight can last for 3

         hours, to and back

     6. radionavigation and the basic skills for instrument flying.

The flight preparation

External control of the aircraft (the walkaround) : fuel, oil, tires, ...

Internal control of the aircraft (the checks) : instruments, flight controls, radio, …

Meteo, flight plan and weight & balance.


After every flight the instructor fills in a grading sheet to keep track of the student's progression.

Costs related to the training


There is no annual fee for Airunit.

As determined by the ATO/DTO where the theoretical course is followed.


Per flying hour (renting of the aircraft) : 160 euro (Incl VAT).

Per flying hour (for the instruction) : to be determined by the instructor.

A membership fee for LRA bvba, the manager of the airfield, is mandatory.
It amounts for 332,75 euro per year (Incl VAT, subject to yearly change).

Following costs are not included in the price of the training

The initial medical examination, the English examination, the theoretical and practical examination, the acquisition of flying equipment (like a headset, a navigation map and computer, ...), the flying licence and the landing fees.

Conditions to become a student pilot

Every candidate intending to follow a course has to pass a medical examination

• preferably before the start of the training

• at least before the first solo flight

There is no minimum age set for this formation, except that you should be 

• 16 years before the first solo flight

• 17 years when applying for the practical examination

Every minor should have the permission from his parents.


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